Did you know that solar energy can be stored in a battery for later use?

It can, and it is saving a lot of homeowners headaches from not having power during outages and reducing their on-peak power usage charges from the power companies. Here at Erus Energy, we can help your family with two different ways to use Sonnen or LG batteries to store solar power:

  • I want power when there are outages due to storms or power company issues: We have LG and Sonnen battery kits that will help set up your solar energy system to be “off grid,” essentially separate from the power company if there is an outage. Learn how to live off the grid by watching this video…



So, not only can you use the batteries to act as generators for hurricanes or other outages for your general power, but you can also use the batteries to run your generators, which will save fuel and prolong the power life in extended power outage situations, such as hurricanes and snow storms.

  • I want to reduce my on-peak power bill: Power companies love to charge extra money for on-peak hours. But you can get around this by connecting your solar energy system to a battery. During your on-peak hours, switch to using the power stored in your battery instead of the system. This will greatly reduce your on-peak usage and your bills! Brilliant, right?!?


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how to live off the grid
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