25 Reasons why you need to go solar

The benefits of solar energy are astronomical!

One new solar energy system is installed every 4 minutes in the United States

That is a huge amount. But why are so many people converting to solar energy any way? Here are the top 25 Must-Know reasons why you need solar panels, so you can be in the know!

1. Reduce Your Carbon FootprintCurrent power systems release ridiculous amounts of hazardous chemicals into the environment daily. These chemicals are causing major shifts in the Earth’s atmosphere. The more people that convert to solar, the less chemicals there will be.

2. Solid Home Investment. Investing in solar can increase your property values.

3. Durable, with no moving parts. Solar panels are extremely durable and virtually maintenance free.

4. Fixed Energy Bills. Solar panels not only lower your power bills, but you get a fixed rate. Which means no more having outrageous power bills in the summer and small bills in the winter, or having your bills be unpredictable.

5. Use Any Time. Solar energy does not just mean you have power during the day. The energy is stored in a battery system so you have power at night and even on cloudy, rainy days.

6. Boost USA Energy Independence. The USA spends billions a year on energy sources from abroad. Just imagine the benefits for the economy if those billions were spent here at home.

7. Create More Jobs. As the need for solar increases the jobs increase. Check out the table below, money invested in solar creates 2-3 times more jobs than other industries.

Jobs created with money invested in solar

Source: Public Economy Research Institute of U. or Mass

8. Protect Against Outages. Solar energy can be stored in a battery system. When your neighbor’s lights go out due to that nasty wind storm brewing outside, your house will be bright without a worry.

9. Make Money. When you generate more energy than you are using, your meter will actually spin backwards. Perhaps the power company will owe you for a change!

10. Set an Example. By converting to solar energy you are showing your community that you care about future of this planet. Your family, friends, and neighbors will think you are pretty cool and convert too, leading by your example.

11. Protect Your Roof. Hazardous weather can give your roof a beating. Because solar panels are so durable they can take the brunt of the weather beating helping to protect your roof from damages.

12. Tax Credits May Not Last Forever. Did you know there are amazing tax credits for converting to solar energy? The government has extended the deadline past December 31, 2016, however there is no telling when they may end or if they will even be available by the end of the next year. Read more about the tax credits here.

13. No Going Out of Style. Unlike other gadgets that break out a new latest and greatest model each year, solar panels will stay in style for 20+ years!

14. Variety of Options. Solar panels are not one size fits all. We take into account your needs, roof dimensions, and HOA requirements.

15. Simple Process. Here at Erus Energy we do all the paperwork for you, the only thing you need to do is be present for the install and inspection. Easy Peasy!

16. Renewable. Solar energy uses the most renewable energy possible. The sun. Forget mining, exporting, and searching for other solutions.

17. Global Warming. Solar Panels can help reduce Global Warming if more and more people convert to solar from fossil fuels.

18. Reduce Water Use in Power Companies. Power companies use an excessive amount of water during the summer months for cooling. We here in the desert know how important water conservation is. By converting to solar, you would be reducing your power company use, which in turn will lower the water use.

19. Improve Community Health. As we know, our current energy streams harmful chemicals into the air. Not only are they bad for the environment, they are bad for our health as well! These chemicals increase respiratory and heart issues. Children and the elderly are at the most risk.

20. Low Space Requirement. You can go as big or as small as you want. Solar panels do not necessarily have to go on your roof, they just need the best access to direct sun.

21. Off the Grid Options. Due to solar energy being stored in battery systems, power can be generated any where. Which is extremely helpful in the country where it can be super expensive to put in power lines.

22. Diverse Purposes. Solar power can be used not only for electricity but also for water heaters and swimming pools! It could even be used to distill water in areas without clean drinking water and to power satellites, nifty!

23. Cost has Dropped. The cost of solar panels has dropped 80% from 2008!

24. One New System Installed Every 4 Minutes. That just goes to show you there is a genuine movement going on here. People are fed up with the crappy air, environment, and power bills. Solar is not just some fad to be ignored. It is a smart option.

25. Referral Program. What is better than a free solar panel? For every person you refer, you and friend each get a free solar panel! Now don’t tell me that is not a good deal! Find out more about our referral program here.


There ya have it! 25 reasons why everyone needs solar panels!

Did I forget a reason? Be sure to add more amazing reasons why solar energy is the best in the comment section below!

25 reasons why you need solar panels


Article by Jesse Gee. Jesse Gee’s background as an entrepreneur spans nearly two decades. From humble beginnings Jesse has leveraged his skills as a leader and innovator to develop and build several businesses. To learn about Jesse and read more of his articles visit his site for entrepreneurs.


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