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Erus Energy has solar solutions that are ideal for commercial properties, using only top quality materials and offering an industry-leading 25 year product warranty. We are committed to delivering complete turn-key or custom solar panel and battery storage systems with superior customer service. Our solar experts understand the intimate details of energy policy, incentives, and diverse financing options, and we can help you find the right system for your needs. With outstanding support, Erus Energy has the highest value and delivers a sound investment for the future.

Commercial Energy Solutions

Take a different approach to your expenses and invest in your business, not the utility.

See how much you could be saving on your energy bill.

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Solar & Battery Storage for Business

Erus Energy offers rooftop, ground, and carport solar panel systems as well as battery storage to make the most of your energy production. Our team can determine the ideal scenario to produce maximum power and can assist you in navigating financial and government incentive options. Our systems are precision-engineered and we offer fast installation with reliable technical support. As industry leaders with customers throughout Arizona and down through Texas and South Carolina, we are committed to creating lasting partnerships.

Serving Customers Across the US

Benefits of Solar

Put dollars and goodwill to your business’s bottom line. With tax credits, depreciation, energy savings, and going green, the benefits of solar panels for businesses is huge! Erus Energy offers solar panel installation for a variety of industrial and commercial buildings. Commercial and industrial power users often benefit, as they are not only charged for the amount of energy they use each month but in most cases are also charged a demand fee for their largest demand of power at one single time.

By taking advantage of your already open roof space or covered parkways, you may be able to reduce operating expenditures, lock in energy costs for years to come, and help to decrease your company’s carbon footprint.  You may also qualify for special depreciation benefits and a 30% Investment Tax Credit with every solar panel installation.

Here are 3 ways solar panels can benefit your business


Media Attention

The media and public love when businesses think of the environment and make changes to their businesses to better it. Extra press, leads to increased traffic, which leads to higher profits.


Reducing your carbon footprint shows people you care and are a personable company.

Increased Property Value

Adding solar panels to any building or structure increases the property values. So a smart investment for future sales.

Project Types

Erus Energy offers Solar Projects that include the following:

  • Commercial & Industrial Rooftops
  • Carports
  • Ground Mounts
  • Custom Architectural Solutions

Financing Options

Our experts can help you benefit the most from your solar energy and battery storage system, with flexible and smart financing options.

  • Zero money down
  • Low interest rates
  • Leasing
  • Purchasing options including multiple loan option

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