TAMPA, July 7, 2017- Florida is iconic for the beaches and endless sunny days. So it is no doubt one of the best places on Earth for solar energy. Did you know that more energy from the sun hits Earth in one hour than the energy we use in a whole year (Source)? Due to the increasing demand for renewable energy, Tampa has opened welcoming arms to Erus Energy.


Erus Energy, with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, has now grown to five states: Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, South Carolina, and Florida. This company is unique because it is a fully integrated, which means Erus Energy takes care of the customer from sales, financing, through the install, and continual monitoring of the system for life.  Additionally, Erus provides energy efficient measures that improve the overall value to their customers that go solar.  There are no subcontractors or third parties. Erus Energy has an A+ rating from the BBB and more positive reviews than any solar company in the USA.


“I had a great experience with Erus Energy. From the day they came to my door about solar energy to the day the panels were up and running, I had nothing but good things to say. The whole process took just over a month, everyone was incredibly professional, and I was kept informed as to what was going to happen next throughout the whole process.” ~Yvette D. (BBB review 5/19/2017).


“We are excited, at Erus, to experience this continued growth.  It’s really all about our customers.  They’re the reason we exist as a business and to the extent that we have opportunities to grow and expand its to serve those and new customers.  Our mission is to deliver more value to our customers than any other solar company in the USA.  These new opportunities will help us to continue to do that.”  Jesse Gee, Director


Erus Energy has officially opened doors in Tampa and the surrounding areas. For more information about Erus Energy you can visit their website at www.erusenergy.com.


ABOUT ERUS ENERGY Founded in 2005, Erus Energy is a leading developer and installer of residential and commercial solar energy systems and energy efficiency solutions.

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