Energy Storage

Maximize your savings by storing unused energy.

An ideal complement to residential or commercial solar panel systems is solar battery storage. Unused energy generated by your solar panels can be stored and utilized later. During a power outage, the stored power can be used to run your home, allowing you to live normally or operate your business at those times.

The power can even be used to run a generator, saving you on fuel, and extending the time you have until the power grid comes back on. Additionally, you can designate your battery stored power to be used during on-peak times, when power companies raise their rates. This effectively lowers your energy bills even further.

Erus Energy can design and install a full storage system along with your solar energy panels, allowing you to optimize the value of your investment. Whether you are considering solar for your home, or adding a solar array to your commercial or government property, battery storage is an ideal way to increase your savings.