Solar Panels

Erus Energy offers a variety of options for homeowners looking to go solar. The decision to invest in a solar and energy management system for your home involves several factors. Most homeowners look at upfront costs, potential volume of power that can be generated, leasing options vs. purchase, and energy bill savings. Every home and property is different, with different variables affecting how the system will be designed, and how much power it will produce. That’s why the solar experts at Erus know the ins and outs of all of these factors. We have helped thousands of customers take advantage of clean, renewable energy, and save a lot on their energy bills by reducing, producing and monitoring their energy.

We provide the best rooftop solar panel systems on the market. We install, we finance and we warranty our solar panels and installation. Get started with our custom solar solutions with no up-front payments or monthly bills with our system purchase. You may also qualify for excellent solar incentives and potentially build home value.

Get high quality solar panels at affordable prices with No Middleman Solar. We offer a wide range of solar panels that are customized to your home specs. Our solar panels will power your home and reduce your monthly energy costs. We offer the best quality solar panels for your home for the lowest cost on the market.

Our engineers and technicians review the specifics of your solar panel system with or without battery storage and come up with an optimal design. Once approved, we install the system in its entirety.