First, you may be wondering how solar panels even work.

Solar panels for houses are comprised of two layers of silicon-based semiconductor wafers. When sunlight hits these cells [called Photovoltaic (PV)], the electrons are broken off the sun beam’s atoms. This creates a flow of electricity [Direct Current (DC)] that flows through the grid to an inverter. The inverter will convert the DC to Alternating Current, or AC. The AC is the electricity that will then flow to your appliances. Your utility meter will measure the energy you conduct and subtract it from the AC needed from the power company, which lowers your energy bills!

The two main items you need to convert to solar are solar panels and an inverter. We also offer a battery system, that allows you to store your unused energy. Read more about our Perfect Power System.

Here at Erus Energy, we know everyone has different goals. With our incredible solar conversion options, you can be on your way to using clean, renewable energy in a way that best suits you. The table below highlights the key differences between these options and will help you to find which is best for you.
The table below highlights the key differences between these options and will help you to find which is best for you.

Solar Lease


Solar Purchase


Solar PPA


Solar leasing is our most budget friendly option. With predictable monthly rates, you can lock in monthly solar lease payments for years to come.

This option allows you to continue to save on your energy costs, and also have peace of mind knowing what your payments will be every month.

With amazingly simple payment options, you can own your own solar system and take advantage of the best way to go solar, and become energy independent!  Solar purchase is ideal if:

  1. You want to own your solar system
  2. Take advantage of Clean, Renewable Energy
  3. Qualify for Federal Tax Incentives! Click here to see how the Solar Tax Credit works
  4. Reduce your carbon footprint
  5. Save money on energy
Power purchase agreements are another great way to go solar while still saving money on your energy costs.

Solar PPA allows you to pay less for your solar electricity monthly, just like your current utility bill. You can secure your rates for years to come and, also, have predictable solar electricity costs for years to come.


Getting started with solar energy could not be easier! You are only 4 steps away from a lower power bill and a major reduction on your carbon foot print.


How to Lower Your Power Bills?

Try these 4 Simple Steps…

 Erus Energy Step 1: Talk to a solar expert at Erus Energy. One of our consultants will ask you a few simple questions to determine if your home is right for solar. Use the Free Quote Form or Call 844-2-Save-Energy


 how to lower power bills

Step 2: Design approval and installation Sit back and relax while we do all the work designing and installing your system.


 solar panels for houses Step 3: Inspection Once your panels are installed, the city will do a final inspection that we will coordinate.


solar panels for houses Step 4: Connect to the grid  Turn your solar system on & start making electricity!