SAN ANTONIO, July 7, 2017- Tucked away in the city is a little warehouse that is that goes unnoticed, just like many other warehouses in town. However, this little warehouse is not going to go unnoticed for long. It is due to triple in size! But what does this warehouse house?


Solar Panel Systems! The Lone Star State has discovered the functionality and the environmentally safe technology that harnesses the sun’s energy and converts it to power their houses and businesses. Did you know that the sun provides 84 Terawatts of power in a 24 hour time period and the total worldwide consumption of power is only 12 Terawatts per day (Source)! Talk about an energy solution!


So who is this Solar Company that is helping so many Texans lower their power bills, reducing their carbon footprints, and helping the USA to become energy independent? ERUS ENERGY. Erus Energy, originally based out of Phoenix, Arizona, has now grown to five states: Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, South Carolina, and Florida. This company is unique because it is a complete turn key solar installer, which means Erus Energy takes care of the customer right from introductions, through the install, and continual monitoring of the system for life. There are no subcontractors or third parties. Erus Energy has an A+ rating from the BBB and more positive reviews than any solar company in the USA.


Here in Texas, the new warehouse will be serving San Antonio, Austin, and the surrounding areas. Currently, Erus Energy has 50 employees working in the San Antonio area, but due to the large growth, more jobs will be added in the coming months.


“San Antonio has been a wonderful community to be apart of and serve.  It is really all about our customers.  They are the reason we exist as a business and to the extent that we have opportunities to grow and expand it’s to serve those and new customers.  Our mission is to deliver more value to our customers than any other solar company in the USA and were proud to be able to bring new jobs that support clean, renewable energy in Texas”  Jesse Gee, Director


Erus Energy would like to thank the amazing Texas residents who have embraced the sun’s energy to reduce their monthly bills, taken advantage of the government tax credits, and who are truly making a difference in the environment by converting to renewable energy. If you would like more information about how converting to solar energy could benefit your household or business please visit our site or call 844-Save-Energy.


ABOUT ERUS ENERGY Founded in 2005, Erus Energy is a leading developer and installer of residential and commercial solar energy systems and energy efficiency solutions.

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