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Erus Energy offers a variety of options for homeowners looking to go solar. The decision to invest in a solar and energy management system for your home involves several factors. Most homeowners look at upfront costs, potential volume of power that can be generated, leasing options vs. purchase, and energy bill savings. Every home and property is different, with different variables affecting how the system will be designed, and how much power it will produce. That’s why the solar experts at Erus know the ins and outs of all of these factors. We have helped thousands of customers take advantage of clean, renewable energy, and save a lot on their energy bills by reducing, producing and monitoring their energy.

Reduce. Produce. Monitor. Solar Power

We take a different approach by looking at your home energy in its entirety.

See how much you could be saving on your energy bill


Reduce energy waste

Reducing energy waste in your home can make a considerable difference in your energy costs and usage. This step is an important part of home energy management. It is done by implementing our energy-efficient solutions into your home and making it run more efficiently. Our energy-efficient solutions include:

  • LED light bulbs
  • Aeroseal. This product seals your ducts from the inside to make heating and cooling your home more efficient which in turn lowers your energy usage.
  • Perfect Power Box is a complete electrical system solution that reduces EMF radiation and energy consumption.
  • Smart Home solutions including programmable thermostats, load controllers, and other solutions to improve the comfort in your home.

Produce clean solar energy

Powering your home by producing free, clean energy on the most efficient source, the sun. Going solar will help protect your against rising utility rates and lower your energy bills. It is an investment that gives great returns over a long period of time.

It’s also possible to own your own system and take advantage of the best way to go solar – become energy independent! The highest benefit comes from owning the system, but also requires more upfront cost. However, Erus Energy will help you qualify for Federal Tax Incentives through the Solar Tax Credit.

Leasing is our most budget-friendly option for getting solar on your house or on your property. With predictable monthly rates, you can lock in lease payments with no increase in rates. You also continue to save on your energy costs each month, and you will see your energy bills begin to get lower over time. There is normally no upfront cost to leasing your solar energy system.

This is another great option to go solar while saving money on your energy costs. You pay little or no upfront costs, and instead you purchase the power generated by your solar energy system, rather than from your power company. Your monthly electric bill is lower, and you lock in rates for years to come, giving you predictable solar electricity costs.


Monitoring gives you the tools to make smart, information-driven choices. Knowing how much energy you are producing from your solar panels and how much energy you are consuming will allow you to manage your home energy properly. Our monitoring system is through Enphase Enlighten. This monitoring solution will give you the insights that you need right at your fingertips.

How it works

Step 1

Talk to a solar expert at Erus Energy.
Answer a few simple questions, and our consultants can determine if your home is right for solar. We offer a Free Quote!

Step 2

Design and installation of your system.
Our engineers and technicians review the specifics of your solar panel system with or without battery storage and come up with an optimal design. Once approved, we install the system in its entirety.

Step 3

Inspection of the installation.
Your local city will do a final inspection, which the Erus team will coordinate. With this step approved, your system is almost ready.

Step 4

Connect to the grid.
Your system is turned on and begins generating electricity! If you are also using Battery Storage, your electricity is stored for future use. Sit back and enjoy your long-term savings and investment!

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Hear It From Our Customers

[We] had few occasions where it seemingly looked difficult to complete the project by the end of the year but Steven’s tireless efforts and follow-ups made it possible. Kudos for such a great project management Steven. My solar panels have now been generating an average of about 30 kWh every day and I certainly am excited to see my Duke Energy bill drop down to negligible if not zero.

Bhushan M.

I have been very impressed with Erus Energy and each of its employee representatives. Our salesman, Dominic was very accommodating and able to field every question we had. Our project manager, Jen over-delivered at every step. I highly recommend this company!

Chris W.

We have no complaints on this Erus Energy, the entire process from start to finish was excellent, the staff and project manager Kathy was more than helpful with questions and answers we had and keeping us up to date with the progress of the install to include scheduling all inspections along with meter switching with our electric company and now all up and running. Thank you administrative staff and our project manager Kathy!!!

Francisco H.

Timeframe and it is now up and running as of today. I am looking forward to the efficiency. Nancie did a great job with advocating and having patience with me through the process.

Aaron S.

ERUS is an excellent company to work with! From the consultation process and the way through to the installation, and even after during the “turn on” phase. During the whole process, project management keeps you informed and lets you know what to expect next!

Josh W.

These guys are simply amazing. Kind, courteous, and extremely accommodating. I’ve been interested in solar for a while, but life events push events back. They took their time to send out representatives when it most suited me and was able to do work without me even being home. They are extremely knowledgeable and expeditious upon request. They were able to accelerate their time table in lieu of a business trip where I would be out of state for the next few months. HIGHLY recommend this business to anyone that is interested in solar panels for their home!


Our experience with Erus was great! Starting with Mike and Josh their sales people and especially Nancie our project manager. Everything went smoothly and as promised. The installers were very competent and personable. We can’t say enough about this company. We highly recommend them.

Daniel & Carol B.

I was very pleased with their communication with me during and through the whole process. Project Manager was very helpful and kept in touch throughout the project. Techs and laborers were very professional and cleaned up completely.

B. Smith

Great company, very honest, dependable and always with a quick response! Thank you to Cathy at Erus Energy for all your help and professionalism! Just to mention for you all the ones that are still undecided, I can’t believe we waited this long to put the Solar Panels on. Our July bill is only $7.00 and for the past two years alone we had to pay $250.00 each month… But the greatest and best thing about the Solar Panels: most of the time they produce enough electricity to turn around and sell it back to the Electric Co. Highly recommended!

Linda W.

To me, Erus Energy is Kathy, my contact person. She handled every detail of my Solar Panels installation from the home office. The financing paperwork, the workman, and keeping in contact with the electric company to make sure all was running as it was supposed to and kept me informed each step of the way. You would not get better customer service.

Ray M.

Sale was smooth, install was fast and clean and the system is a monster. We’re selling back everyday. Steve Joe and Jeramy were all professional and courteous.

Bob & Marianne

Erus Builders have been awesome and especially Kathy. She is always available to listen to me and to return my calls if unavailable at the time. She has provided information plus very positive experiences in getting my feet wet in this new era of my life–solar energy.

Evangelina M.

My solar was installed about eight years ago by Erus Energy. Recently we decided to have our roof replaced so I contacted Erus about removing and replacing the panels for this process. We also appeared to have one problem inverter, wreaking some havoc in the system. I spoke with Nancie who quickly got me all the information I needed. She quickly contacted the manufacturer for me and acquired the replacement so that it could be installed when the panels were replaced after the roofing job, saving me installation costs. She was knowledgeable and professional. It was great working with someone who could resolve problems quickly and efficiently!

Karen T.

If only half the employees in this country were as competent, efficient, dedicated and expedient as Cathy at Erus Energy, life would be more harmonious with far less stress, aggravation and far fewer disgruntled customers. I was beginning to regret my decision to install a solar system on my home until I hooked up with Cathy. She listened intently and immediately took my worries to heart, and just as quickly as I turned them over to her, they were resolved, easing my mind and putting my worries to rest.


The installers where very professional and worked through the heat of the day. Everyone was excellent. Very cooperative and they kept me informed all the way through and were at my beck and call.

R. Georgas

I am usually skeptical and apprehensive about any sales or services regarding home improvement. After having been burned too many times by previous “too good to be true” companies/deals, I try to avoid sales pitches altogether. Erus Energy was professional, thorough and patient. I am pleased with the level of service and look forward to the first lower cost energy bill.

R. Hume

The representative that visited us was very knowledgeable. He was not pushy. He took all the time needed for us, being senior citizens, to understand the system and financial arrangements. Both installing and service crews were well organized and worked well as a team. They were all knowledgeable and efficient, each did a very good job in their individual areas of expertise. We were very satisfied with the work.

J. Sheen

Every staff member was very knowledgeable. The contractors were very friendly. I would highly recommend Erus Energy! We will share with friends and colleagues how professional you are. We will admit we were a bit skeptical at first – we checked with the BBB of Arizona and now we are going green and greatly excited!

C. Elliot

Couldn’t have done anything better. The crew that did the installation was amazing. They were quick and professional. I am very happy.

K. Raitz

We are very pleased with the products installed in our home. The work crews were very professional, they did their job quickly and made sure it was done right. They cleaned up their mess completely. The work done in our attic is great, we can tell the difference already. We are very pleased with all that was done and everyone that came to our home.

G. Griswold

I was referred to Erus [Energy] by a former customer. Dave was very helpful throughout the process. Communication was excellent the whole time as Dave always updated me on each stage of the process. The whole team at Erus was wonderful to work with.

J. Hill